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Tired of the hot overcrowded slum teeming with other imitators and wannabees and the nagging sense of "incompleteness", Greg left his Father's testes and moved into an egg in the more comfortable and roomy studio of his Mother's womb.  For the first time, he was happy. But alas, this would be a short stay. He was evicted and cut off after only nine months, and forced to brave the Stephen King like shenanigans one would expect to endure in the small New England town of Leiecester, MA. 

Greg found out rather quickly he was not like his fellow New Englandahs. For one, he didn't have the accent. Nor could he build or fix anything.  However, he was always kept on his building and fixing jobs because he would make the bigger guys who were good at building and fixing laugh their heads off on the way to the site of the next broken or not-yet-built thing.

Greg attended Emerson college, where he hosted a radio show and did his internship at The Howard Stern Show in New York City.

Greg moved to Los Angeles after graduating to pursue a writing career. After 8 years of bartending, "The Boys and Girls Guide To Getting Down" was made, in which Greg both co wrote and landed the role of "Greg", a role he feels he was born to play.

After the endless cycle of writing scripts and waiting for notes and the rewrites and the notes, etc, etc, Greg realized that screenwriting was more like marriage and his comedy and patience were better suited for the "one night stand" and the instant gratification and/or disappointment it comes with. Pun not intended but I'm leaving it in. Leaving it in pun also not intended, but...let's move on.

The waiting was indeed, the hardest part.

After years of class clownery and the irresistible urges to crack wise landed him in various grounding and dentention like scenarios he was able to further hone these abilities in these quiet meditative environments and he's now ready to unleash them upon the world in what will be a colossal show of insignificant and largely ignored world wide unleashing.


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This Comic Kills: Confessions of a Hack Comedian Book Author
The Boys and Girls Guide To Getting Down An instructional on how to party in LA Greg
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